7 Basic Steps to Elevate Your Concentration and Mind Power

A number of issues decrease the power of concentration making us ineffective in what we do. Some of us tend not to admit this fact. However, despite the fact that this situation is common to all human beings, it is most prevalent in ageing people.

This can be explained by the fact that ageing results in deprivation of body muscles and tissues. The body loses its strength to prevent damage. Apart from old age people, others suffer this due to certain medical conditions, anxiety or due to depression.

Conditions such as having a high cholesterol level in the body contribute to the low flow of blood to the brain. Diabetes is also another condition in which people suffer an injury to the brain making it lose memory and concentration.

Below, find tips on how to increase concentration and memory power:

Use of vitamins and minerals

Vitamins A, B, C and D ensure the healthy and harmonious development of the body. They help in the production of neurones in our bodies. Iron, zinc magnesium greatly helps in improving concentration and behaviour.

Mindfulness meditation

This is one of the best mind power techniques. It entails focusing on your breathing for a few minutes in the morning and evening before going to bed. Twenty minutes are recommended – 10 in the morning and 10 before bed. It helps improve attention span.

Sleeping properly

With enough sleep, you are definitely going to be mentally focused. Have enough peaceful sleep.

Try practising clock concentration

Have a clock with a second hand. Set the clock ahead of you and follow the second hand as it travels. Do this without moving looking away or moving your body for at least five minutes.

Eat a healthy diet

The brain requires appropriate nutrients to allow you to focus. The blood sugar should also be regulated.

Try out brain games

Playing these games will make you increase concentration since they require you to focus. Studies show that the more you use certain skills, the more you reinforce the brain.

Use of peppermint tea

The scent of this type of tea helps in boosting the mood and alertness. You can take a cup or two in the morning and evening.

In conclusion, to increase memory power and concentration is not a one day task. It requires effort and a little time. A persistent trial of one of the tips named above will show up benefits in a short while.

So, to enhance improvements in your concentration, start the habits which build up increased brain power. Start with the ideas which are most convenient to you.

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